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  • About Payroll Tax Management

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About Payroll Tax Management

About Payroll Tax Management

Headquartered in Santa Ana, California, Payroll Tax Management, Inc. (PTM) offers a unique approach to payroll tax processing for independent payroll providers, as well as, mid-market and large corporate employers throughout the United States. Our innovative systems and services provide companies with the ability to increase revenue and strategic focus, by giving them several options not formerly available to those who outsource their payroll taxes.

PTM provides payroll tax expertise and compliance with over 11,000 tax agencies, stellar customer service, competitive rates and fees, a multi-million dollar crime bond, SSAE 18 audits, and scalable technology. Our tax systems offer clients ease of use and logical solutions to the hassles of payroll tax processing.

As innovators in the payroll tax industry since 1969, we continue to develop new methods of processing payroll taxes by introducing automation concepts and customization options never before seen in the marketplace. Our clients benefit from the flexibility offered at PTM, they can choose from one or several of our software and service tax processing platforms.

We help a variety of companies with their most complex tax scenarios every day and we’d love to help you too.  Contact PTM today if you are struggling with any of the scenarios below.

  • Start-ups who are just learning the payroll industry and need the advice of tax professionals.
  • Growing businesses that need to expand without large additions to staff.
  • Companies who are in growth mode and will benefit from increased automation of their payroll tax filing process.
  • Payroll providers that recently landed some larger complex clients or turned away business because the client’s tax needs were too complicated.
  • Any business struggling with tax compliance, penalties and interest, or new states/locals that are out of their comfort zone.


Since 1997, PTM has been processing local, state and federal payroll taxes in all fifty states and U.S. territories for the payroll industry. Our experience, coupled with the feedback from our clients, has enabled us to develop new methods of processing and technological advances that are currently unparalleled in the payroll tax industry. Unlike traditional payroll tax services, PTM offers our clients a choice.


  • About Payroll Tax Management: Mission


    Commitment to making business easier for our clients and partners by providing the knowledge, tools, and resources to successfully manage their payroll related functions. We are the provider of effective payroll tax solutions!

  • About Payroll Tax Management: Mission


    Creating leaders by empowering employees to participate and thrive at full potential, recognizing personal contributions and fostering career growth in an enjoyable work environment. Payroll tax management will make it possible for you!

  • About Payroll Tax Management: Mission


    Offering innovative systems and flexible service models paired with friendly service. Payroll tax service is there with you!


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At Payroll Tax Management, our partner community plays an important role in ensuring client success. We maintain a strong partner program by working with top industry providers who share our values.  Our partners are selected for synergy, value, and new levels of success for all parties.


Preferred PTM Partners enjoy customizable programs with tailored cross marketing plans. 

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PTM works with a variety of referral partners and software developers, we can accept files from most payroll software systems including:

  • Adaptasoft
  • Adaptasoft
  • Execupay
  • MPAYl
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  • MPAYl
  • polaris
  • Posterelite
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Are you committed to your clients’ success? Do you deliver value with consistent results? PTM is always looking for new partners who are focused on cultivating long term partnerships to benefit our mutual clients. Enhance your product offering and improve client loyalty by partnering with PTM today.

  • APA
  • IPPA
  • TPG
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