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Payroll Tax Management

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Payroll Tax Management, Inc. (PTM) develops payroll tax software and services for the payroll service industry and corporate employers that give users flexible options ranging from full-service payroll tax outsourcing to software products that allow complete control over back-end processing.


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  • We have a client that we process as 15 different companies in our system with employees that work in more than one company. This always presents a problem at quarter end with medicare and unemployment taxes, but [our AE] and [PTM’s Client Services Manager,] are always willing to help us out with the work that is required. I appreciate this so much, because without their help we wouldn’t have this client as a client.

    Bobbie McClarnon, The Elite Group

  • We have been using Payroll Tax Management (PTM) since 2005 to handle all our taxes. They process our tax needs efficiently and provide us with excellent customer service. Using PTM also saves us substantial accounting fees because we are no longer required to have the SSAE 16 audit.

    Gary Stein, Practical Payroll, Inc

  • We have been working with PTM to service our client’s tax needs for many years now and each representative that we have worked with has been very helpful and knowledgeable.

    Jeanette Duran, SBS Payroll, Inc.

  • PTM does a great job handling any special requests we have. We have a great many challenges due to the problems we have with our software. PTM always comes through when we need to overcome these problems.

    Marv Tauber, Payroll Ventures

  • Everyone is very professional and friendly service.

    Paula Balugas, Paymedia, LLC

Payroll Tax Management | Payroll Tax Services & Software Blog
  • Payroll Tax Management

    Date : Thursday, July 12, 2018

    As Client Services Manager at Payroll Tax Management, Nixon Adoyo helps streamline the client experience and guide clients through the process of implementing payroll tax software. Adoyo has over a decade of experience in payroll services and his expertise has given him insight into the most pressing questions and concerns that new clients have. Here he shares some tips for clients getting started with payroll tax software.


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  • Payroll Tax Management | Payroll Tax Services & Software Blog
  • Payroll Tax Management

    Date : Friday, June 29, 2018

    For Payroll Providers, It's Project Time

    America's most successful companies blend business with technology to achieve big success in the marketplace.

    In some cases, "spectacular" would not be too strong a word.

    Fireworks by Grucci is a 168-year-old family-owned business that has launched itself to success by blending the traditional fireworks display with modern computerization. The company builds small microchips inside of shells, known as “pixel bursts.” The height of the shells can be programmed to create an image like the American flag out of thousands of dots of light.


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  • Payroll Tax Management | Payroll Tax Services & Software Blog
  • Tax Impound Account Best Practices

    Thursday, June 28, 2018
    Payroll Tax Management

    Date : Thursday, June 28, 2018

    When it comes to payroll taxes, the margin for getting it wrong is, well, none. And yet some risky practices persist, perhaps in the mistaken belief that high-profile cases of disaster are the result of practices so egregious that anyone with a little common sense can easily stay out of trouble. ..

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  • Payroll Tax Management | Payroll Tax Services & Software Blog
  • Payroll Tax Management

    Date : Monday, June 25, 2018

    The clients of HR and payroll outsourcing specialist PROXUS come from a broad range of industries, from financial to non-profit to education, health care and manufacturing. But they tend to find their way to PROXUS via a common route – leaving a big national provider in search of better service. ..

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