Payroll Tax Software: FlexTax® Capabilities

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Payroll Tax Software: FlexTax® Capabilities

FlexTax simplifies the process for companies that currently outsource their payroll tax processing to a third party provider. FlexTax allows you to control some key data elements, allowing you increased efficiency and a seamless operation with the peace of mind outsourcing provides.

Similar to traditional outsourcing, PTM handles making the tax deposits, filing the returns, and preparing Quarter End packages and Annual Returns. The FlexTax system allows payroll service bureaus and corporations of all sizes to handle their own company/client set up, manage their periodic and quarterly files, run standardized reports and exports searches to Excel for increased custom-reporting capabilities.

FlexTax Capabilities

FlexTax payroll tax management allows you to perform these key tasks:

  • Performing on-the-spot accounting style reconciliation
  • Run your own reports, including Standard and QE Balancing
  • Create customized reports that you view in Excel
  • View client master file, including banking and agency data
  • Track inquiries and amendments
  • View and manage payrolls transmitted to PTM
  • View deposits made to taxing authorities by PTM
  • Obtain and download client QE packages
  • Transmit files to PTM for processing
  • Setting up new clients on FlexTax
  • American Payroll Association
  • National Association of PEOs (NAPEO)
  • Independent Payroll Providers Association