Payroll Tax Software: FlexTax® Features

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Payroll Tax Software: FlexTax® Features

All payroll tax data processing and client maintenance is performed by PTM and most data can be viewed online in FlexTax software. Your operations team will have 24-hour access to the PTM database with the exception of minimal down time required for system maintenance and updates, which shall be performed during off hours. This enables your operations team to answer your clients' most commonly asked questions, on the spot.

Additionally, FlexTax offers:

  • 256-bit encrypted for security
  • 24-hour access to data, reports, returns and transmission portal
  • Templates for entering emergency quarter-end files or periodic tax files in the event your system fails to create a transmittal file
  • Access to client master data: legal name, address and bank account information
  • Access to agency data: agencies both active and inactive, agency ID numbers, rates, deposit frequencies, next effective rate and frequency (for use when processing in one quarter and reconciling another)
  • Import file management features available immediately after file upload
  • Posted payroll liabilities, funding transactions, pending payments and tax deposits made by PTM
  • Ability to run standard reports
  • Ability to perform data searches and export results to Excel
  • Access to inquiries, amendments, and PTM system notes pertaining to status and any actions taken to resolve, including scanned documents pertaining to inquiry resolution
  • PDF quarter-end packages, frequently used forms, archived compliance alerts, user’s manual
  • Data available online for current processing year and previous 2 years
  • Easy and secure transmission of data files to PTM

System Requirements

The FlexTax system runs on any PC with a Web browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) and PTM sends reports displayed in both Microsoft Excel and Adobe Acrobat.

  • American Payroll Association
  • National Association of PEOs (NAPEO)
  • Independent Payroll Providers Association