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Payroll Tax Software: FlexTax® Hosted

Payroll Tax Management understands the unique and complex needs of both professional employer organizations (PEOs) and Administrative Services Organizations (ASOs) needing to file payroll taxes across many of the country's 11,000+ taxing jurisdictions. PEOs and ASOs find us especially useful for managing payroll taxes across multiple states

We offer both payroll tax management software and services designed to complement and enhance your operations, and to reduce the time spent filing by 75% or more. Below is a breakdown of how our offering compares.


FlexTax is a unique offering in the industry, and is well-suited to the more complex tax processing needs of ASO clients. You process the payroll for your clients and send us a tax data file and we take over. We handle tax payment scheduling and payments, return preparation and filing, and impound account reconciliation. But, we allow you to keep us as a secret partner with private-labeling and by allowing you to hold all POAs and client account agreements.

With FlexTax, you can reduce your risk exposure, guarantee compliance, and offload some cumbersome, manual or labor-heavy tasks, without losing the control you need over client-facing functions and materials.

FlexTax Direct Bank

FlexTax Direct Bank is another unique offering in the industry, and is well-suited to the unique needs of PEOs. It' our classic FlexTax option, but with everything running off your bank instead of ours. We understand that you need to maintain complete control over the client funds and your bank account.

With FlexTax Direct Bank, you can still guarantee compliance and offload cumbersome, manual, or labor-heavy tasks, without losing the control you need over functions and materials that you need, including your tax account.

FlexTax Hosted

FlexTax Hosted is our FlexTax software hosted on a server that we own, similar to cloud software, that allows our clients to maintain complete control over all payroll tax processing. We maintain agency compliance and handle IT functions such as database management, hot-site backup and automated system updates.

You can leverage the technology and best practices that we use to reduce risk, streamline functions, and automate tax filing, but without losing any control over your processes.

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Here's a link to a side-by-side comparison of FlexTax, FlexTax Direct Bank, and FlexTax Hosted for PEOs and ASOs, which provides some additional details on the differences between them.

Whatever your payroll tax management needs, let us know how to help you find the best fit.

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  • National Association of PEOs (NAPEO)
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