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Payroll Tax Management & Compliance for Staffing Agencies

Asure Payroll Tax Management understands the unique and complex needs of mid-to large-sized staffing firms required to file payroll taxes across the country's 11,000+ taxing jurisdictions. Staffing agencies find us especially useful for managing payroll taxes across multiple states.

We offer payroll tax management software and services designed to complement and enhance your operations, and reduce the time spent filing by 75% or more. Below is a breakdown of how our offerings compare.

PayTax® Plus

PayTax Plus clients enjoy peace-of-mind knowing after they upload a daily file to Asure PTM, all scheduling, payments and filing are completed by knowledgeable Asure PTM tax specialists, including a dedicated account executive assigned to your business. PayTax Plus provides you with online access to all the payroll tax activity, while Asure PTM does the heavy lifting of ensuring full compliance with state, local and federal tax agencies, reducing your risk exposure. Customizable options allow you to decide whether we do it all, or maybe just handle your most challenging multistate companies.

FlexTax® Hosted

FlexTax Hosted is our FlexTax software hosted on a server that we own. Similar to cloud software, FlexTax Hosted lets clients maintain complete control over all payroll tax processing. We maintain agency compliance and handle IT functions such as database management, hot-site backup and automated system updates.

You can leverage the technology and best practices that we use to reduce risk, streamline functions, and automate tax filing, while maintaining full control over your processes.

FlexTax Direct Bank

If you also operate as a PEO, our FlexTax Direct Bank solution is another unique offering by Asure PTM. It's our classic FlexTax option, but with everything running off your bank instead of ours. We understand that you need to maintain complete control over the client funds and your bank account. And your clients do not need to sign a power of attorney with us.

With FlexTax Direct Bank, you can still guarantee compliance and offload cumbersome, manual, or labor-heavy tasks, without losing the control you need over functions and materials that you need, including your tax account.

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Contact us to talk to one of our payroll tax experts about how to find your best fit. Whatever your payroll tax management needs, we can make them pain-free.

  • American Payroll Association
  • National Association of PEOs (NAPEO)
  • Independent Payroll Providers Association